So yesterday despite the boss flying out to Mexico, I’ve noted with some anxiety the increased work load yet to be carried out concerning a certain voice project.  As monthly costs increase, so does the awareness of the project proposed to save such costs grows within the organization.  Sadly, little has been done to execute on this project.  As a result, my involvement in the endeavor continues to grow while at the same time, my work load for my other efforts does not decrease but has also increased though with less attention paid to it.  (Not a bad thing, necessarily)

The placard of Mother Theresa was removed from the entry way either this morning or last night.  I am not sure which and I am not sure at this point of the significance or reasoning.  I have made a query to the responsible group.  Perhaps I will learn of the character of this group by the explanation given.  If any woman needs highlighting during this month, it is certainly that woman.  Presently, it appears that her placard has been replaced with a powerful CEO.  How interesting that is.  The CEO, the epitome of what the world thinks is good and as a pinnacle of earthly success for which woman can and should obtain for herself.

We need more like Mother Theresa…

Lord, help us all.

Council to drivers: ‘Turn it down’ – Herald-Banner: News

By Brad Kellar Herald-Banner StaffLocal motorists with super loud car stereos may find themselves receiving a ticket, under changes to the city’s code of ordinances approved Tuesday by the Greenville City Council.

Source: Council to drivers: ‘Turn it down’ – Herald-Banner: News


Yeah, does it annoy me?  Sure.  Should there be a law…nope!  Even our little corner of the world is marred by social engineers and authoritarians.  Local elections are the most important types and how they have their consequences!

Sayings By or For Southerners, Part XXV | Abbeville Institute

The people who are anxious to assert their constitutional right to bear arms ought to do it openly.  The revolutionary fathers, who put this into the bill of rights, did not go around with little pistols concealed in their hip pockets.  They carried their muskets or rifles over their shoulders like men.  –Tombstone AZ newspaper,  1881

Source: Sayings By or For Southerners, Part XXV | Abbeville Institute

Majority of students vote to rename Dallas school named for Confederate general | Dallas Morning News

A majority of students at John B. Hood Middle School voted Friday to drop the Confederate general’s name from their school.Sixty-one percent of students voted to support efforts to remove the name from the campus. Final approval must come from the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees.LaTonya Lockhart, Hood’s principal, called for the referendum after students asked a teacher about the appropriateness of having a Confederate general’s name on their school. Hood, the youngest general to lead an army during the Civil War, was a decorated hero.

Source: Majority of students vote to rename Dallas school named for Confederate general | Dallas Morning News



Right, because we should be ruled by the democratic majority of the youth.  That is sure to fix all that ails us.  Reconstruction continues unabated this time using our children as a scapegoat.

Award for Service to the Church

Curiously missing from the pages of the local newspaper is the recognition to be given by the Roman Catholic diocese of Dallas to a local family.

From the St. William the Confessor Catholic Church bulletin:


You are invited to attend the Holy Mass in which Bishop Farrell will present his “Award for Service to the Church” to the family of R.W. and Kristina Holleman.

Those who know them well will agree that this is a most fitting presentation.  For me, that last 12 years have flown by as Pastor.  Just after my arrival the Hollemans with their growing family moved to Hunt County.  In many ways they have distinguished themselves in service to our parish and the people of Greenville and the Diocese.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located at the corner of Ross Avenue and Pearl Street.  There is abundant parking all about the area – the Arts District.  There is plenty of room for any and all.  Congratulations to the Hollemans!


Yes, congratulations R.W. and family!

Sheriff’s Office reports drowning death – Herald-Banner: News

A Quinlan man was the victim of a reported drowning Friday evening.The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office responded at approximately 6:39 p.m. Friday after receiving a call of a possible drowning in the Caddo Creek area off of State Highway 34.Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said deputies arrived on the scene and were told by the victim’s son that he had found his father in the creek and that he was deceased.The Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife was notified and a game warden arrived on the scene and took over the investigation.Lance Christopher Hart, 46, was pronounced dead at the scene by Justice of the Peace Sheila Linden.“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Mr. Hart,” Meeks said. “This was such a tragic event.”

Source: Sheriff’s Office reports drowning death – Herald-Banner: News


It was nice weather this past weekend.  Please be safe out there, folks.


May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, rest in peace.

Board to receive update on Ja-Lu Pool status – Herald-Banner: News

The City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Board is expected to receive an update today concerning a plan to convert the Ja-Lu Municipal Swimming Pool into a splash pad park.The board is scheduled to hear a status report about the proposal during the regular session, starting at 5:30 p.m. in the Parks and Recreation Department Office inside the Municipal Building, 2821 Washington Street.Last month, a Greenville City Council subcommittee came up with a handful of recommendations for how to spend the $2.5 million Hunt County paid the city to purchase the Paul Mathews Exchange Building. Among the other suggestions were using the money to replace the aging Greenville Fire Station No. 1, and for renovating the current Fire Department administration building.The total of all three projects was estimated to be between $1.9 to $2.3 million. The cost of converting the pool to a splash pad along was expected to cost between $800,000 and $1 million.The idea has been explored by the city previously, as a way to deal with the aging pool and the annual struggle to hire enough lifeguards to operate the facility, an issue which is expected to be even worse this year with the planned opening of the Splash Kingdom waterpark.City Manager Massoud Ebrahim said he had met with YMCA Executive Director Christa Compton about working out an arrangement whereby people could swim at the facility’s pool under the same fee schedule which had been in place at the Ja-Lu Pool.

Source: Board to receive update on Ja-Lu Pool status – Herald-Banner: News


So, has anyone told these folks that water parks usually end up costing the city more money than it brings in?  Just ask Rowlett citizens…